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Currently, the economy is growing rapidly in big cities and urban areas. Therefore, office buildings are built everywhere and are more popular. The trend of businesses looking to rent offices to work in high-rise buildings has become an understandable trend. At the same time, choosing offices in high-rise buildings helps to bring a more civilized, professional and comfortable working space. In order to have a beautiful and durable high-rise office building, it is necessary to comply with design standards, especially to ensure safety and quality factors. Let’s follow the article below to find out about consulting, office building design services and necessary standards when designing or Construction Of Office Building of Vix Office.

Design standards for high-rise office buildings

Each construction project has its own certain standards and must comply with the State’s regulations and the design of office buildings is no exception. A few important criteria that each design and construction of office building unit should pay attention to are as follows:

Standard of quality

Constructions need to comply with quality standards to ensure safety when using. With each high-rise building, depending on the area and number of floors, there will be separate quality regulations to ensure sustainability and safety. The structure of the building must ensure the most solidity and stability. The number of floors and the area must comply with the regulations of the State.

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Standard of safety and sustainability 

Safety is always one of the number 1 priority that contractors and investors aim for in every construction project. Safety standards of the building include emergency exits, installation of an electrical system, water pipes to ensure convenience and safety when using. At the same time, security systems and surveillance cameras should also be installed to provide assurances for employees when working.

To be specific, when designing emergency exits in high-rise buildings, the width should be greater than 1.2m. In addition, offices need to have fan lines and ducts to ensure that the air source is always circulated.

In particular, buildings must meet standards on fire protection. This is considered a mandatory regulation for each building, especially high-rise construction.

Design standards for high-rise office buildings

Design standards for high-rise office buildings

Standard of beauty

High-rise buildings must ensure aesthetic factors, be suitable for the landscape of the area as well as not affect the surrounding construction works. Therefore, when designing office buildings, engineers and architects must pay close attention to the area as well as optimize the design plan.

Because office buildings are not simply four walls with tables and chairs to sit on, but the important thing in the design is the aesthetic factor. Beautiful office with spacious and comfortable space can create an energetic working environment for employees and bring higher work efficiency.

Standard of architectural physics 

Architectural physical factors play an important role in an office building. Therefore, engineers need to focus on this element. Physical criteria include natural light, natural wind, and source of water.

In addition, when designing workspaces and building office-blocks, the investor must pay attention to other factors. That includes noise, vibration, climate, etc., so that the project can come into operation smoothly and  be in first class condition.

Standard of the technical building systems 

Unlike other small projects, office buildings are often extremely strict in matters related to technical systems such as drainage systems, electrical systems, etc. The technical system of office buildings needs to be arranged in a streamlined method so that everyone working in the office can use it in the easiest and most convenient way.

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Sub-criteria in Construction of Office Building 

In addition to the standards for high-rise buildings, the design of high-rise office buildings also needs to pay attention to specific standards based on generality as follows:

  • When designing the office, it is necessary to follow the design of the common space so that it is easy to find the right standard for the working conditions.
  • .The office space should be designed in accordance with the overall structure of the ceiling and the building.
  • The office can be decorated according to the customer preferences but the theme should be suitable for the type of work. For example, if the work requires creativity, it is necessary to design in a relaxed and liberal style. For works that require seriousness and meticulousness, luxury and modernity are the styles that should be considered.
  • The office should be designed to be closed, with high railings to minimize risks. Currently, most buildings use large glass panels to both shield and resist the effects of the outside environment. At the same time, it also helps people sitting in the office feel comfortable when working in a beautiful environment.
  • Office floor should have good adhesion. Therefore, customers should avoid using flooring materials that are slippery and dangerous when walking in the room.
  • The employee’s workspace must be equipped with office equipment, technical facilities and must have a minimum space for the employee to process documents and exchange with customers. Normally, the minimum area for each employee is about 4-5m2.
  • Elevators, stairs, emergency exits need to be arranged reasonably.

  • Workplaces of experts also need to be arranged in an open space to facilitate exchange, catch-up meetings and discussion.
  • Be sure to equip fire extinguishers and fire alarms at necessary positions in the office.
  • The working space of leaders in the company should be arranged separately from other spaces. That usually located in an open location, adjacent to ancillary rooms such as accounting/administration rooms, staff rooms for the convenience of management and administration.

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Sub-criteria in Construction of Office Building

Sub-criteria in Construction of Office Building

Vix Office – a unit specializing in high-rise buildings construction and design

Vix Office is a company specializing in the design and construction of high-quality office buildings. This unit specialize in carrying out survey and inspection work. Vix Office has participated in many projects from all over the country. We have many years of experience in building large-scale construction projects with the participation of foreign investors such as Singapore, Thailand, Korea…

Vix Office’s reputation is increasingly consolidated and more sustainable. Especially when the company receives many compliments and feedback from customers about its professional, serious working attitude and progress-seeking spirit in business.

Benefits of customers:

We have been implementing large-scale office building projects from 70,000 square meters to more than 200,000 square meters of foreign-invested and domestic enterprises. We are constantly striving to become one of the leading brands in terms of prestige and project implementation capacity in Vietnam, reaching out to markets in Southeast Asia and the world.

Vix Office is committed to bringing customers the best services with the enthusiasm and efforts of the entire technical staff of the company. In particular, we have conquered many big projects and gained the trust of customers.

Vix Office is very pleased to serve you with the spirit: “COOPERATION TO DEVELOP“.


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