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Interior design, office space always requires aesthetic and neat elements as well as scientific arrangement to serve the most effective working process. However, businesses cannot ignore the aesthetic and modern elements in the office. Therefore, beautiful office interior design becomes indispensable. Beautiful interior designs help employees feel comfortable, work more actively as well as help businesses create a highlight for customers and partners. For details about office interior design, let’s follow an article from Vix Office!

1. What is office interior design?

Office interior design is to implement the process of arranging the workspace so that it is the most reasonable and optimal. The office interior design must meet the requirements set forth in terms of aesthetics, comfort and utility for your company.

This process is not only the basic arrangement of furniture, it also requires harmony, aesthetics and scientific layout. In which, the presence of color elements, furniture, equipment and decorative items is indispensable.

The effect achievement is that the above factors bring good benefits to the used space. Not to mention, businesses also want office interior designs to bring quality work efficiency.

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Office design brings a scientific and modern arrangement

Office design brings a scientific and modern arrangement

2. The effects of office interior design

Designing office furniture for the company brings great benefits, brand values, and morale to businesses or employees. Some of the outstanding effects not to be missed are as followed:

2.1. Show brand value

One of the first things customers do is to look at the office furniture. Customers can assess and speculate on the volume of operations, professionalism, and quality of the firm or business simply.

Beautiful interior designs, on the other hand, elicit sympathy from customers or partners during the initial meeting. The company displays its brand value and fosters client trust through design, emphasizing the need to collaborate with the company.

2.2. Demonstrate business culture and brand awareness

The office’s interior design helps to reflect the company’s cultural values and brand capability. In addition, by promoting the office’s image, the corporation will demonstrate its brand value, distinction, and quality.

2.3. Provide employees with a productive work environment

Employees will benefit from a beautiful, high-quality, and appropriate office interior design. Employees feel at ease here, reducing stress and tension at the end of each working hour. It also produces a sense of connection and attachment, as if it were a second home. 

Moreover, staff will be more productive, and their thinking and creativity will be stimulated as a result. Then, deliver the best results to the firm and businesses.

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2.4. Recruiting new employees for the company

Almost everyone wishes to work in a beautiful, professional, and opulent office setting. As a result, each attractive office design will be a requirement for the company’s recruitment to succeed. Talented employees will be able to work in the environment of their choice.

As a result, organizations and companies looking to hire a new human resource (HR) team should pay attention to workplace design. When and only when the workplace is a constant source of inspiration, effort, and striving, new employees automatically desire to devote their energies and abilities to the organization.

Recruiting new employees for the company

Recruiting new employees for the company

2.5. Boost the company’s profits

The company has increased profits faster and higher thanks to the promotion of a positive brand image as well as boosted staff working ability. Quality office interior design is crucial in achieving this.

3. Consider these factors when creating office furnishings

As previously stated, stunning office interior design has numerous advantages for enterprises. As a result, it’s natural for corporations to put money into design. However, we must keep the following elements in mind in order to get the intended effect:

3.1. Recognize the most common types of workplace furniture.

The dominating style is important in the field of office design, just as it is in other professions. Enterprises require a clear direction in order to carry out design and construction in the most efficient manner.

Furthermore, you will get high efficiency if you explicitly specify the design style. The office will have its own personality, distinct from the other units. Many factors influence the prevalent style in businesses. However, individual aspects such as personal hobbies, industry domains, operational aims, spatial flexibility, and so on must be prioritized.

3.2. Prioritize user-friendly designs.

Aside from the aesthetics, the problem of convenience or annoyance is also significant. Employees’ demands must be met in the design of workplace furniture. Additionally, firms could provide interior functions to help employees work more productively. This guarantees that personnel in the company are as productive as possible.

The following spaces are typically found in an office space: staff area, conference room, and director’s room. In addition, many offices offer pantry rooms, amusement areas, waiting rooms, and other amenities. Each firm must come up with interior design concepts that best suit their needs and area, depending on the available space. room.

3.3. Feeling comfort when using

Employees are often required to work at least 8 hours every day at the workplace. As a result, they constantly seek the most comfort in the office to help them work. As a result, the workplace items must make employees feel at ease. The element of seats and furniture, in particular, plays a crucial role because they are the items that employees are most attached to on a daily basis. Furthermore, these pieces of furniture have a direct impact on the health and well-being of employees.

In addition, components such as desks, seats, and work-supporting machinery play a significant effect. Not to mention the lighting aspect, which is something that no business can overlook. Employees benefit from good lighting since it reduces eye strain and allows them to focus better at work.


3.4. The feng shui problem

There are certain firms that do not place a high value on the feng shui aspect. Because they believe it is unimportant. In reality, the feng shui component has a significant impact on a company’s reputation, profit, and performance. Feng shui can even be a game changer in some situations. As a result, the interior design of the office should follow feng shui concepts.

Feng shui elements in design

Feng shui elements in design

3.5 The cost factor

Businesses must balance and decide on the proper budget while creating the office. In order to reduce waste, businesses should not invest excessively in unneeded items. Invest in the most cost-effective and efficient method feasible.

4. Why should you choose Vix Office as an office interior design and consulting unit?

Vix Office is proud to be the number 1 prestigious and quality office furniture supplier and designer in the whole country. With many years of experience in the industry as well as owning a team of architects and technical staff with practical experience, professional knowledge and meticulous professionalism. Therefore, Vix Office always receives the trust and love from customers. When coming to Vix Office, customers will experience the following services:

  • Consulting, office interior design
  • Design and build MEP
  • Office design
  • Office furniture
  • Office moving and renovation services
  • High-rise office design

Each service of Vix Office is different from other units because everything is done for free (no charge). Customers will be consulted by staff about the services they are learning for free and then offer service packages that are suitable for their financial ability and usage needs. At the same time, each service comes with an after-sales policy and a lifetime warranty for customers. 


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