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Vix Office is one of the most prestigious units specializing in providing and consulting high-quality office and home interior patterns and designs in Vietnam. Coming to Vix Office, customers will experience a full package of services from Research & Consulting, construction to interior installation stage.

Interior design consultation before signing the contract

Customers who are in need of interior design for home or office, please contact hotline 0846794444 or come directly to Vix Office’s office located at 21 Nguyen Trung Ngan Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 , Ho Chi Minh City, we will answer all your questions. At the same time, our team of professional design consultants, with high expertise in exterior and interior design, promises to give customers preliminary advice so they can understand what they need to prepare for home and office interior beautification plans.

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Discussion and exchange between customers and designers

When customers are in need of exchanging ideas, design requirements and want to choose Vix Office to become the interior design and construction unit, customers will be consulted by Vix Office from the stage of choosing information, ideas based on the requirements of customers to initial information on design style, optimal space layout, selection of suitable furniture to meet the needs of customers and especially fit the financial situation…so that the investor can make the most accurate decisions.

Signing contract between Vix Office and investor

When the customer has decided to choose the company as the interior designer and constructor, the company’s consultant will send an economic contract including a preliminary quote of interior design items for the customer to check before signing the contract.

When all questions have been answered, the customer and the company begin to sign the contract to carry out the work.

  • Site visit to the actual ground of interior design

After the company received the advance price, the design staff and the technical deployment department came to the site to survey the current state and receive the design task.

The data related to the size of the area would be collected so that our architects and experts can consult about the construction of interior design and provide solutions on space and arrangement to optimize space.

  • Preliminary design – 02 days

The overall plan of the project is shown in the concept design of functional ground, multi-storey interior plan with different ways of spatial organization and drawings to realize design desires.

At the same time, the company will sketch by hand with illustrations on the computer so that the customer can understand the design concept better.

After completing the preliminary design, Vix Office will conduct interior design of the space so that the customer can easily visualize the design style and promptly meet the customer’s requirements of  interior design.

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Preliminary design from VixOffice

Preliminary design from VixOffice

Prepare interior documents including:

  • + Plan, section, elevation of the site
  • + Perspective of required rooms
  • + Description of materials used for construction
  • + Interior details
  • + Details of doors, details of hygiene, details of railings, stairs (if any)
  • + Floor, ceiling layout plan , 

Construction technical design profile:

  • + Interior profile.
  • + Electrical design files
  • + Water design files
  • + Design drawings of lightning protection, fire alarm, smoke alarm, camera, telephone, internet… (according to the customer needs)

In particular, the renovation design documents alone must include current state drawing and demolition drawing.

Architectural and interior design option approval

Particularly for renovation design documents, there are current drawings and demolition drawings.

  • Approve architectural and interior design plan

When the customer has a full perspective design, construction technical documents, the customer also partially visualizes the entire interior and architectural work of the office. If still not satisfied, customers can request to edit to achieve the most optimal solution according to usage needs.

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Handing over documents to customers

Handing over documents to customers

Before exporting the documents to hand over to the investor, Vix Office with Research & Consulting will check the drawings within 1 day to ensure that the design is beautiful, accurate and sufficient.

After handing over the documents, the company is responsible for supervising and explaining the detailed drawing if the investor still has questions about.

The file is printed in 3 sets of A3 including:

  • 01 original with seal and signature of the member participating in the designXóa ảnh đại diện
  • 02 sets of photocopies of the original set.

The designer must take full responsibility for the design file before the law and at the same time the customer needs to preserve the original file, all modifications must be approved by the designer in the original file.

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Construction quotes

After completing the design stage, the company will send the customer a quotation of the total investment by each item. That clearly shows the value of materials in the project as well as the construction progress. Customers are consulted about the materials on the market being displayed at Vix Office showroom thoroughly.

With a team of highly technical staff, who have many years of experiences in finishing many furniture items. They made from wood materials, sizes, and designs confirmed by documents of the construction unit and the investor, we are committed to complying with the signed contract, providing a full service package to save time, money and bring satisfaction to our customers.

Furniture installation and construction.

The construction of office furniture can take weeks or more depending on the volume and construction items. The construction time will be specified in the contract by agreement of the two parties.

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Site inspection and contract liquidation 

After completing the project, Vix Office will conduct the acceptance and liquidation of the contract in accordance with the provisions agreed between the two parties.

Site inspection and contract liquidation 

Site inspection and contract liquidation 

Why do customers trust to choose Vix Office Research & Consulting services?

Vix Office is proud to be the number 1 prestigious and quality office furniture supplier and designer in the area. Many years of experience in the industry as well as owning a team of architects and technical staff with practical experience, professional knowledge and meticulous professionalism. Therefore, Vix Office always receives the trust and love from customers. When coming to Vix Office, customers will experience the following services:

  • Consulting, office interior design
    Design and build MEP
    Office design
    office furniture
    Office moving and renovation services
    High-rise office design
    Building interior ideas

Each service of Vix Office is different from other units because everything is done for free. Customers will be consulted by staff about the services they are learning for free and then offer service packages that are suitable for their financial ability and usage needs. At the same time, each service comes with an after-sales policy and a lifetime warranty for customers.

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  • Above are the shares of Vix Office that want to send to customers about research & consulting services. Hopefully, a part of the above information will partly answer all questions from customers. If you are looking for a reputable and reliable address for interior design, quickly come to Vix Office!
    Address: No. 21 Nguyen Trung Ngan Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Hotline: +84-84679 4444
    Office : +84-28 668 06 166
    Email: info@vixofficevn.com

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