12+ Thiết kế văn phòng thời thượng mới và chuyên nghiệp tại Việt Nam năm 2021

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Although the field of office design in Vietnam is not fully appreciated as an art form, famous designers or leading experts always create new, outstanding and innovative design trends. Let’s take a look at Vix Office through the outstanding modern office design trends in Vietnam in 2021.

Discussion about office design in Vietnam
Discussion about office design in Vietnam


  • Modern trendy office design in Vietnam by space
  • Modern trendy office design in Vietnam by style
  • Modern trendy office interior design trends by model

1. Modern trendy office design in Vietnam by space

1.1 Green office design trend 

With a high work intensity from 8 – 10 hours a day for each employee, green office designs are considered a perfect solution to provide a comfortable working space. This design helps reduce stress. At the same time, it also inspires creativity, increases productivity, and improves employee’s moods.

Creates green trees for customers and employees
Creates green trees for customers and employees

In addition to aesthetics, this modern office interior design trend helps the air in a room to be better and improve the quality of employee’s health. You can arrange green trees on the desks, the partitions in the office or the wall corners.

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1.2 Open office design trend

An airy working space will create comfort as well as increase creativity for employees. Unnecessary tools or items in the office have been eliminated to the fullest extent and replaced by a system of partitions and office equipment that can be used in common.

The open design style is chosen by more companies and businesses

The open office space will promote interaction among individuals, makes it easy for employees to move around for discussion work when needed. These open spaces are especially suitable for business units that require high teamwork skills, frequent information exchange. 

In particular, this trendy office design in Vietnam also helps business owners to save lots of money on investing equipments but still easily get a scientific standard working space.

1.3 Multi-functional office design trend

Along with the fact that the land is getting less, the cost of renting offices is becoming more expensive, multi-functional offices are becoming the popular trend in office interior design in 2021.

The space is multifunctional style also takes a rest for employees

The office will be arranged with more open spaces so that employees can freely and flexibly move. Simultaneously, the modern multi-functional office design is also towards designing the most optimal common space, so that it can easily use for different purposes like working, meeting, or resting…

1.4 Unique office design trend

The unique office is a fairly new concept in Vietnam. However, the term is quite simple. In essence, this is an office trendy design that takes advantage of traditional and open offices in order to promote the creativity of employees and improve work efficiency.

The unique office design will be popular in the next coming years
The unique office design will be popular in the next coming years

The unique office brings lots of benefits to business such as:

  • Create privacy for employees when needed
  • Become an airy space and make employees feel comfortable
  • It is a flexible space that has both privacy and common living space.

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2. Modern trendy office design in Vietnam by style

2.1 Minimalist office trend

Minimalist style is considered one of the top choices of businesses when choosing a style for the office. And this style will expect to be continually popular for decades. Because it not only helps to optimize the space but also expands the area arier.

The Minimalist design is considered modern trend in Vietnam
The Minimalist design is considered a modern trend in Vietnam

With the office interior design trend, large and rugged furniture or unnecessary will be removed. Instead, there are compact and multi-functional furniture or mobile partitions.

 2.2 Artistic office trend

Modern office trend in art style aims to bring a soft and unconstrained with bold modern and creative artistic beauty.

The biggest advantage of this style is through details such as images, decorations, or furniture, architects will highlight the corporate brand and popularize the company culture in a good way.

Artist office trends have multiple benefits
Artist office trends have multiple benefits

At the same time, the trend of modern design in art style also helps employees’ working environment more youthful and dynamic. This way helps them eliminate stress and stimulates creativity in work.

2.3 Classic combined with modern office trend

The classic combined with modern design trend is the combination of classic and modern elements in the same space. It is also called neoclassical style.

Combining traditional with modern design creates productivity for employees
Combining traditional with the modern design creates productivity for employees

Neoclassical office trendy design is quite popular because it not only helps bring a luxurious and aesthetically space. Moreover, these styles ensure the office’s uses thanks to modern equipment.

With the modern office trend, the most used main color tone is a warm color. It can add white, ocher, or light yellow for a warm and classic feeling.

2.4 Homesick office style trend

Homesickness styles will be popular more and more

Humans work in an office from 8 – 10 hours/per day. So, to create a feeling of warmth and comfort like homes for all employees, some businesses have turned to the homesick style of modern office design. This style also makes employees stick with the company more time.

Usually, with this style, the architects will optimize rooms like restrooms, dining rooms, entertainment rooms…

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2.5 Using recycled materials for office trend

The office design uses recyled and reused
The office design uses recycled and reused

Reusing or recycling materials is a “HOT” modern office design in Vietnam in recent years. With these materials that are discarded, no longer worth, the architects will turn into furniture or impressive decorations.

This style saves costs for businesses, reduces waste, and protects the environment. Moreover, it provides a creative art space to impress customers and employees.

2.6 Colorful office trend

The colorful design style for businesses and enterprises

To keep the workplace fresh and dynamic, you completely update the colorful office design trend. You can choose contrasting colors or multiple colors in the same space. It can create a unique feeling and excitement for employees when working. In addition, this style brings outstanding and innovation to the business.

Moreover, the different colors also affect distinguishing the area to help customers easily access or understand the identity of the business. If you still wondering about which trend to design the office, you can contact Vix Office to receive the most suitable office interior design consultation.

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3. Modern trendy office interior design trends by model

3.1 Shared office model

The shared office model was created with the mission to set up a space for saving costs and enhance cooperation for small or medium enterprises. This style allows businesses organization and individuals to share a workspace with each other.

The shared style helps to save money and costs
The shared style helps to save money and costs

Businesses with a shared office can use the same resources or utilities in the space but still ensure privacy. Currently, the share offices are popular in Vietnam. It promises to be one of the most popular modern office designs in the next coming years.

3.2 Virtual office model

The virtual design promises popular in Vietnam
The virtual design promises popular in Vietnam

Virtual office model is a term used to refer to offices that provide communication methods for businesses but do not use actual area. This office provides a phone number, contact address, faxes, receptionists, etc.

In fact, this modern office trend is quite new in Vietnam. Businesses don’t move furniture to the virtual office, but just need to put their sign or logo here. When needed, they still provide meeting rooms, conference rooms…

3.3 2M Office model

The 2M Office model was set up as a solution for businesses to prevent the infection of Covid 19 for their employees.

2D office design in enterprises and more busniness
2D office design in enterprises and more business

In fact, this office model in Vietnam seems to be like traditional office design trends with partition systems. However, to ensure ventilation or comfort for employees, the architects will replace them with glass partitions. Moreover, this can also ensure the airy, spacious, and optimize the best area.

Besides, the position of employee’s seats will also be rearranged. This helps to keep a distance of 2m. The free space will be increased. Instead, some furniture such as cabinets, chairs, or green trees will be added to the office. 

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This information is the most popular modern office design in Vietnam in 2021. We hope that after the article of Vix Office, you will find a design that is suitable for the conditions and situation of the businesses.

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