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Office Design plays an important role in each project or business. Building projects and business owners invest in and pay attention to office design. This demonstrates the significance of furniture in influencing employee psychology and especially increasing work performance. The accompanying Vix Office article will provide clients with the most basic information about office design, such as employee workstations, conference rooms, and director’s rooms, among other things in a variety of designs that are appropriate for each body type with many forms of business.

The essence of office design

Nowadays, there are many interior aspects which play an important role in every architectural project. If the villa interiors bring magnificence and class through the balance of colors and lines, or the apartment interior focuses on simplicity and modernity first, office furniture cares about the synchronization and utility functions for office staff during the working process. This is why building investors and businesses pay special attention to interior decoration. The reasonable interior arrangement helps bring a harmonious overall look while highlighting the company’s scale. And this is also the basis for customers to evaluate the company, improve its reputation and professionalism.

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The importance of office design
The importance of office design

Office design by area with modern style

Currently, there are many styles of office interior design and the most important factor when designing is based on large or small office space. If you know how to combine balance and harmony, you can bring an extremely personal and colorful workspace, even if the company owns a small area.

Under 100m2

Office with an area of under 100m2 doesn’t have much excess space. So, the office will focus on choosing or arranging furniture in the most scientific and neat way while ensuring the perfect combination among departments. Employee desks will be arranged in a row facing each other or next to the wall in small workplaces under 100m2. When a PC isn’t needed for work, get rid of it and replace it with a personal computer. This allows for increased workspace savings, improved ventilation, and ease of data storage and mobility.

Employee desks will be arranged in a row facing opposite or next to the wall in small workplaces under 100m2. You can release a PC which isn’t needed for work and instead use a personal computer. This allows for increasing workspace saving, improving ventilation or ease of data storage or moving.


Medium size from 100 – 500m2

Big offices with the size from 100 to 500m2 which have a significant scale and a large staff. At the same time, it is required to more conveniently arrange the office, conference room, director’s room, or living area.

The room’s division and portions are critical for maintaining privacy while still maintaining common features and a connection to the firm. Simultaneously, to limit interaction between persons in the organization or company, it is also advisable to prevent a discrete, lack of synchronization design.

More than 500m2

Businesses with more than 500m2 of space will have no trouble arranging large and small sections in a way that is logical and avoids fragmentation. Each department will have its unique features and resting facilities at this time, while maintaining the overall interior harmony of the organization.

The use of color and light is emphasized in office design. Because this is also an element that contributes to the design unit’s and company’s distinct identities. In interior design, light paired with harmonizing colors creates a working space. The working space is a comfortable area that helps employees work with more excitement and less stress.

Office design by space element

When it comes to constructing an office, space is just as crucial as the area. Even if it is a tiny company with a limited space, if it knows how to make the most of it in a reasonable and harmonic manner, it may provide the finest experience for its employees.

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Green space

The interior design features a lot of trees, which puts you closer to nature. Working in an atmosphere with a lot of trees and green colors encourages the brain to function creatively and effectively, according to a study. At the same time, trees help to control the air, limit electronic device radiation, and safeguard staff health.

Interior layout with many trees brings closeness to nature
Interior layout with many trees brings closeness to nature

Open space

Becoming a popular design trend in recent years, open space can make the use of the office’s area. The arrangement of furniture is arranged in the direction of simplification, bringing spaciousness, ventilation and increasing the connection between employees in the company.

You can use walls made of glass to receive natural light, especially the use of wooden partitions.

Coworking space

The coworking space is one of the most popular office design trends right now. And it’s one that many organizations are aiming for in the future. This open space will help the company foster more contact, sharing, and personal connections. Not only that, but this style aids in the reduction of unneeded office expenses such as lighting, air conditioning, and so on.

A coworking space’s typical layout includes a mix of round tables and chairs that converge on long rectangular tables. Employees have the opportunity to choose the ideal place to concentrate in this area.


Creative space

Furniture is extremely crucial for a company that specializes in design, service, and originality. Rather than a single pattern, most creative settings will combine the same colors to highlight their unique style. Other colors for the walls, tables and chairs, rest, reception, or work space should be chosen based on the business’s brand color. It should be individually designed, especially in the reception area, to generate a powerful first impression in the eyes of the consumer.

Despite the lack of a pattern, it is vital to adhere to office design guidelines in order to maintain the science, spaciousness, and comfort of employees, as well as the use of color and light. There isn’t a lot of light.

Design office space in a new creative style
Design office space in a new creative style

Why do customers choose Vix Office?

Vix Office – a company specializing in the design and construction of high-quality office buildings, conducting survey and inspection work. Vix Office has participated in many projects from all regions of the country. We have many years of experience in construction projects. Large-scale projects with the participation of foreign investors. Like Singapore, Thailand, Korea… Vix Office’s reputation is increasingly consolidated and sustainable when the company receives many compliments and feedbacks from customers. That is the professional working attitude, seriousness and market spirit in business.

Your benefits:

We have been implementing large-scale office building projects. Owning an area from 70,000m2 to more than 200,000m2 of foreign invested enterprises and domestic enterprises. We are constantly striving to become one of the top brands. The company specializes in leading in prestige and project implementation capacity in Vietnam, reaching out to markets in Southeast Asia and the world.

Vix Office is committed to providing customers with the best services. With the enthusiasm and efforts of all technical staff of the company. In particular, we have conquered many large projects and gained the trust of customers.

Vix Office is very pleased to serve you with the spirit: “COOPERATION TO DEVELOP”.

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