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 As you know, in the field of construction design, the term MEP has become too familiar and close. Therefore, when talking about this MEP term, those outside the construction design industry will have little difficulty in defining and understanding MEP. To help customers better understand M.E.P Design & Build as well as the construction system, MEP drawings, please follow an article below.

What is MEP? What does MEP stand for?

MEP stands for Mechanical Electrical Plumbing or Mechanical and Electrical Plumbing. When translated into Vietnamese, it is divided into specific meaning classes as follows:

  • M stands for the first letter of Mechanical – Mechanical system. The mechanical system of the building includes the ventilation system, the air-conditioning system, the heating system and other systems of the mechanical operating system.
  • E stands for the first letter of Electrical – Electrical system in construction works. In which, the most prominent and popular is the power supply system and the lighting system of the building.
  • P stands for the first letter of Plumbing – Water system. The system includes water supply and drainage system and fire fighting system.

MEP or other name is M&EP is a system related to electricity, water and mechanics of an architectural work. Or in a more understandable way, MEP is an engineering system of an architecture that helps the building to come into operation and ensure the needs of people inside the building.

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MEP is the system related to electricity, water and mechanics of the structure
MEP is the system related to electricity, water and mechanics of the structure

Overview about M.E.P Design & Build System

After researching about the definition of MEP, Vix Office will provide some information about MEP System. 

The current MEP system is divided into four main categories:

  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning ( HVAC). 
  • Plumbing & Sanitary (P&S).
  • Electrical.
  • Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting.

What is the ME system of work?

  • As for the Mechanical part in the work, the majority of the volume is in the category of Air Conditioning and Ventilation (MVAC – Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Other parts of the Mechanical system have fire prevention and fighting (Fire Alarm and Fighting), Water supply and drainage (Plumbing and Sanitary – P&S), LPG and compressed air supply.
  • The Electrical part includes items related to Electricity: Distribution, power supply, lighting, control system, extra low voltage (ELV).


Heavy electricity includes:

  • Main power supply: This is a main power supply system (consisting of medium voltage cabinets, medium voltage lines or 24 kV/0.4kV transformers and main switchboard – MSB – main switchboard). Besides, the system also has an automatic system – Automatic Voltage Regulator System – AVR.
  • Sub Main power supply: This system includes motivation, lighting, jack rocket and manufacture. 
  • Socket outlet
  • Emergency lighting (includes exit light and emergency light)
  • Earthing system hoặc Grounding system
  • Lightning protection system (including ground rod and lightning rod). Lightning protection systems are different from earthing systems.

Light electricity includes: 

  • Data network system
  • Telephone system
  • Security & Supervisior system
  • Public address system


Overview of MEP construction and design
Overview of MEP construction and design

What is an MEP engineer?

MEP engineer is an engineer who performs work related to mechanical, electrical and water systems of construction works. An MEP engineer is not required to be proficient in either Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing. Because in each part M, E and P are divided into smaller categories. Each MEP engineer should only have an in-depth understanding of a small item.

In general, MEP engineer needs to do include:

  • Design the MEP system and carry out the construction of the designed system
  • MEP construction estimate for the architectural works
  • Project Management MEP
  • Carry out maintenance work on installed and used MEP systems
  • Monitoring MEP’s construction progress

What is MEP drawing?

MEP drawing in M.E.P Design & Build is the common name for a design drawn by an MEP engineer. The picture depicts the manufacturing ventilation system, as well as the building’s water and electricity systems and fire protection. Many software programs now assist MEP engineers in preparing MEP designs. The greatest MEP design software available now includes:

MEP design softwares

Autocad MEP

Autocard produced Autocad MEP, which is software for designing and documenting MEP systems. This is specialized software for electrical, water, and ventilation professionals and engineers.

The AutoCAD software platform is used to create and improve AutoCAD MEP. As a result, AutoCAD MEP provides users with the most comfortable and straightforward working environment. The application’s tools are well-defined, specific, and certain. The capabilities of the software have been enhanced to increase labor efficiency and speed up the MEP design process.

Main function of this software:

  • Document drafting, design, and construction system
  • Make MEP construction documentation that are more accurate and professional

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Revit MEP

Autodesk also created the Revit MEP program. MEP engineers can use the program to plan and manage MEP projects using 3D models.

Overview of MEP construction and design
Overview of MEP construction and design

The following are some of the benefits of using Revit MEP:

  • Improve record synchronization and accuracy.
  • The notation system is well-controlled and has a high level of uniformity. This helps users save time when creating MEP drawings.
  • Organize and manage Revit MEP libraries.
  • From Autocad drawings, create a 3D model of the MEP project.

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Above are the shares of Vix Office sent to customers and readers about M.E.P Design & Build. If customers are looking for a reputable and reliable address for MEP consulting and design, please come to our Vix Office. Vix Office is proud to be a stopover for customers on every road to conquer all construction projects.

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