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Before we can learn about Vix Office’s Office Relocation & Renovation service, we must first grasp what a package moving service is. In simple terms, relocation and renovation service is a service. That offers a comprehensive variety of services to consumers who need to relocate their goods from one location to another. Not only that, but the service provider will be responsible for responding to and assisting consumers with all aspects of the move, including sorting, packing, and arranging items in the new home. Customers will also be closely monitored and given instructions on how to place furnishings.

Vix Office specializes in providing flexible and convenient moving services

Apart from consulting, developing, and constructing industrial, factory, and interior projects, Vix Office also serves as a unit for customers in need of transferring residences, products, etc. on a national scale or M.E.P Design & Construction. Vix Office has a team of professionals with extensive expertise disassembling, shipping, and providing full-service relocation services. Customers will have a positive image of us from the first meeting due to our passion, high work responsibility, especially honesty, diligence, and hard work.

At the same time, we confidently invest in innovative machinery and equipment to make the transportation and relocation process simple and fast: forklifts, trucks, cranes, transport forklifts of all sizes, suitable for all tonnage of goods, and providing free carton packaging of goods.

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Vix Office - a unit specializing in providing flexible and convenient moving services
Vix Office – a unit specializing in providing flexible and convenient moving services

Vix Office’s package delivery service has huge advantages

After learning what a package delivery service is, you will know some of the advantages this service provides. The following are some of the advantages of Vix Office’s professional moving service:

  • Save time for customers: The staff of the unit will make the delivery quickly and professionally. This saves customers a lot of time compared to moving house by yourself in the traditional way.
  • Without too much effort: When using this service package, customers will not need to use their feet and hands too much. Everything is done by the staff of the transport service.
  • Clear and reasonable prices: Customers will be given the clearest and most reasonable prices. There will not be any other costs incurred outside of the contract.
  • Furniture is secured: Every mover is experienced.


Classification of Office Relocation & Renovation services of Vix Office

Vix Office shipping national and international methods

Currently, Vix Office has two main types of shipping services: domestic delivery and foreign delivery.

For the domestic transportation service: It will resolve the customer’s challenges and calculations in order to move all of the furniture out of the old residence in the most efficient manner possible to the new residence. Or, sometimes inquiries about service costs… Everything will be answered enthusiastically and thoughtfully by Vix Office.

For international shipping services: Vix Office acts as a friend, guiding consumers over language obstacles, customs restrictions, and the country’s stringent security needs. Customers will be able to undertake international relocation in the most convenient way thanks to a team of multilingual professionals, including Korean, Japanese, and French, as well as a global network with over 600 locations and over 50,000 international money transfers by credit method.

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