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Interior design in Vietnam is a hot topic that all people are concerned about. And to have a perfect architectural construction, it is very impossible not to mention the important role of interior design. So let’s find out together about interior design, the role of it as well as how many steps for this process.

Interior design in Vietnam
Interior design in Vietnam

I. What is Interior Design?

Interior design is a synthesis of art, fine arts, and science, and technology. It relied on the harmonious coordination of colors, light, architectural aesthetics, and decorative objects.

Vix Office - Interior Desin In VietNam
Vix Office – Interior Design In VietNam

Interior design is one industry that attracts young people, especially those who are passionate about creativity. An interior designer will visualize a client’s ideas and messages to make their home more comfortable and usable. At the same time, he also helps customers to feel comfortable.

This profession combines knowledge from many fields such as painting, photography, typography, graphics, materials engineering, and marketing…

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II. What are some basic pieces of knowledge about Interior design in Vietnam?

Interior design in Vietnam is a companion or an important role that can’t be separated into beautiful living spaces or working environments. 

Although an architectural work has a grandiose and unique scale, the design doesn’t match aesthetically. It becomes uncompleted work, or beautiful architecture with inappropriate interiors can also cause difficulties for customers. So there is some basic knowledge you have to remember when designing interior as follows:

1. Research about house plan blueprint

When beginning interior design, the first thing to do is carefully analyze the blueprint of the house. Depending on the design unit, there are many different ways of drawing houses, such as flow, vertical, and sectional.

Through the drawings, owners can understand the space’s division to find an appropriate interior.

2. Law of balance

The law of balance consists of height, width, space structure, light, and colour. If the house is coordinated with each other, it can create unity and harmony. 

The law of balance plays an important role in interior design
The law of balance plays an important role in interior design

There are three laws in balance law such as symmetry, asymmetry, and cent-symmetry.

3. Law of Harmony

The law of harmony in interior design is the collection of elements such as shape, size, style, color, or material… This can create harmony with the owner’s expression. 

4. Law of Contrast

In art and interior design in Vietnam, the law of contrast occurs when there are two or more different, opposing elements. There are many types of contrasts such as:

  • Color: Hot – cold
  • Material: Smooth – rough
  • Shape: Square – round
  • Cubes: Big – small, solid – hollow
  • Line: Straight-curved
  • Space: Wide – narrow

5.  Laws of Rhythm

Rhythm is a repeating rule of many images through the overlap of colours, layouts, and styles. And the law of rhythm is a combination of three factors: objects, ranges of objects, and continuity.

6. Law of Emphasis

In Interior design in Vietnam, the law of emphasis is very familiar and widely applied. The emphasis is creating a focal point, attracting attention, and focusing on the space through arrangement, color scheme, and decorative accessories. All of them can highlight the unique and separate furniture. 

Surely everyone wants their room to be unique. So applying the rule is the best choice. However, you should avoid too many accents, it can cause confusion and boredom. You need to use

7. Law of proportions

The law of proportions reflects the furniture’s size in the overall composition of the architecture. With the right proportions, your house or room will become more airy, harmonious, and attractive. The 1/3 ratio is considered a “golden” ratio, most commonly used when designing and decorating interiors.

The proportion law influences on designing interior
The proportion law influences on designing interior

III. How many steps does the interior design process involve? 

The interior design process has specific steps
The interior design process has specific steps

1. Meet customers – Discuss ideas

After customers contact Vix Office, the architect will directly work with the customers to discuss interior design.

Some customer information includes: 

  • Age
  • Preferences
  • Requirements, wishes of customers
  • Type of ownership, area, design…
  • Number of people using those interior spaces
  • Purpose of customers when using interior space: Stay, rent (foreign or domestic guests), or sell…

Learn and analyze the customer’s preferences and needs in terms of art and interior style.

  • Technical consulting and cost estimation.
  • Bringing consensus
  • Main design style
  • Material requirements, materials used in the interior
  • Client’s needs and budget
  • Design costs.

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2. Survey the current situation

To smoothly design, a current survey is extremely important. The purpose of the survey is to clearly grasp the properties, connection lines of some technical equipment, and specifications. 

We will:

  • Measure, draw and check architectural spaces, properties, positions, and technical lines.
  • Accurately draw architectural spaces, especially elevation, size, beams, floors, and position decorate on the wall
  • Decorate the exact location, the path of each device, and the connection lines of devices. 
  • All of them can make sure that the customers and architects will understand the properties and specifications of the current situation. 

3. Sign design contract

Signing a contract between a design unit and a customer
Signing a contract between a design unit and a customer

If two sides understand each idea, the next step is signing the design contract. 

The contract contains the following main items:

  • Design costs
  • Items will be designed
  • Style of each item
  • Design progress
  • Payment progress
  • Incentives and promotions for customers (if any)

 4. Concept blueprint

After the contract is signed, the architect will proceed to the preliminary design based on:

  • The division of space
  • Placement of furniture
  • Location of the main equipment 
  • Plan the interior style
  • Materials used

From there, customers can understand the preliminary design of the house and discuss their wishes, ideas with the architecture unit.

5. 3D Design

After finishing the concept and design, the unit will make 3D design. 

3D blueprint is to realize the wishes' customer
3D blueprint is to realize the wishes’ customer

The purpose of 3D design is:

  • Sticking to the interior style required by the owner
  • Use materials in accordance with customer requirements
  • Material grade
  • Material type
  • Color

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 6. Present the plan to the customer

When the 3D design is completed, the architect will be:

  • Detailed presentation of the design blueprint built according to the customer requirements
  • Help customers visualize the whole of their interior works
  • Presenting the plan to use materials to help customers know what materials will be used for their home

At the same time, we will proceed to modify the unstable points according to the customer’s wishes until the 3D perspective is closed.

7. Design of construction technical documents

After the customer is satisfied with the 3D design blueprint, Vix Office will proceed to deploy the technical blueprint. The architect will hand over 2D drawings to customers. 

Design of construction technical documents
Design of construction technical documents

The design of construction technical documents in Interior design in Vietnam will have all the following elements:

  • Dimensions, Location, symbols of details, furniture
  • Types of materials, codes of materials, and equipment
  • Design the layout of the functional map
  • Floor and ceiling tiling drawings (if any)
  • Location drawings of sockets and switches
  • Detailed drawings of furniture 

IV. Some notes in interior design in Vietnam

Pay attention to the area and layout

When designing interior projects, architects often pay attention to customer’s requirements and the house’s area. This can help the architect come up with the most reasonable design.

Pay attention to layout and area when designing interior
Pay attention to layout and area when designing interior

If you have a large area, the house layout is reasonable, you can choose almost all design styles. However, if the area is small, you should make a balance among furniture, decorations, and design style. If you ignore this attention, the design will not have a reasonable layout and a beautiful interior design.

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Pay attention to design style 

Choosing a design style in interior design will create uniformity in colors and materials in layout and space arrangement. If you choose a modern design style, you will use bright colors in paint and furniture with appropriate accents. You can not use ancient patterns and textures in the design. On the contrary, all furniture and colours will have a rustic and simple look in the ancient style. You don’t combine a sofa with vibrant colors. 

In addition, you should also know how to arrange furniture to best suit the user’s purpose and overall interior.  Interior design in the living room is indispensable for sofas, tables, TV shelves, and decorations. But you should arrange them to optimize the space. 

V. How should you choose the design unit in Vietnam?

To get a beautiful interior design, you should outsource a reputable and quality interior design unit to help design a dream home, a luxury store. This can attract customers with a different atmosphere. 

Vix Office - The professional unit
Vix Office – The professional unit

As you know, With many years of experience and reputation in the market, Vix Office is a great choice for you. You will be given free advice on design style, interior design, and the best solutions for interior design for the project. Some fields that Vix Office specializes in are hospitality, retail, and residential design. 

Besides, Vix office also provides carpet, design, fire protection, floor handling, renovation, and houseware. All designers of the unit collaborate with our construction to create imaginative, impressive, and unique designs. When working as a team, we easily and quickly coordinate interpretation, mutual construction, and saving time while maintaining work excellence. In addition to interior design, Vix Office also receives design and construction packages to ensure progress and quality from design to construction.

Designing from Vix Office
Designing from Vix Office

Our services that Vix Office provides:

  • Design Consultancy
  • Construction & Production of Products
  • Domestic & Export
  • Construction supervision
MOG Hanoi office interior design project
MOG Hanoi office interior design project

Projects that Vix Office designs and constructs:

  • Factory design of DI YU SHENG Company
  • Design and construction of HUNTER DOUGLAS factory
  • Design and build house ANNEX Electronics Co., Ltd…

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To sum up, this is all information we want to share with the customers about Interior design in Vietnam. We hope that with a little bit of information, the customers could understand interior design, how many steps for each project, and how to choose the best unit for all customers. 

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