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Office furniture in Bien Hoa city

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Office furniture in Bien Hoa of VixOffice Company we specialize in designing and executing office furniture in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi City, Da Nang City, We specialize in professional office design, providing furniture, prestigious furniture products – quality, Long-term warranty, genuine products. Contact Hotline: 0975969608To order fastest design and construction consultancy.

Unit design and supply quality office furniture in Bien Hoa

VixOffice Furniture Company is a unit specializing in the field of design, construction & supply of office furniture including office furniture, filing cabinets, office modules, reception desks and office accessories. room.

VixOffice’s design team always has a concern, with the desire to bring optimal solutions in terms of layout and design so that your representative / commercial office is always effective. high.

With our experience, we are confident to bring your business a professional, friendly and efficient working environment, with a full range of office functions, ensuring paper arrangement. , records and computers are logical and scientific, helping the office staff to always work with good productivity.

From there, create conditions to promote the office activities, business activities of your business always run smoothly, develop in the long term. Construction of wooden furniture on request in Bien Hoa.

Office furniture in Bien Hoa city
Office furniture in Bien Hoa city

Office furniture in Bien Hoa city – Contact 0975969608

1. Why you need to care about office furniture construction

If you are a business owner, the Office is your second home and you can even consider it as the first, the first will help you to have more homes, because of the business. Development is a great source of income for you and a beautiful interior office creates inspiration to work, creates dynamism and enthusiasm for employees, creates trust for customers. effective tool for you.

Similar to investing in building houses, but most offices will be rented space, so the construction of office furniture will be paid more attention, paid more attention to reasonable interior layout, besides choosing Choosing the right models of furniture, cabinets in office furniture will contribute to a quality office. Construction package apartment interior in Ho Chi Minh City

1.1 Office quality assessment criteria

How to know a reputable office furniture construction address? It is based on the set criteria that the unit desires compared to its products. You will evaluate the quality in a specific and clear way by the criteria that we set out below.

Office furniture in Bien Hoa city
Office furniture in Bien Hoa city
– Criterion 1: Use function

Usability is always the top evaluation criteria at VixOffice, we always want to bring your business a modern space full of modern, smart and convenient equipment.

By meeting enough functions for the office, all business activities will become smoother and more convenient. Employee performance is also enhanced thanks to products that meet the standards of “ergonomics”, quality and design.

On the other hand, the scientific and rational layout of the furniture also contributes to a more convenient and quality space. When working with VixOffice, we will discuss carefully, plan and discuss with you to come up with an optimal and suitable plan.

– Criterion 2: Harmony aesthetics

In addition to meeting the full functionality of the office, the aesthetics also need to be paid attention. The aesthetics of the interior is one of the factors affecting human psychology, helping to create more inspiration to work, stimulate creativity, combat stress effectively, thereby helping productivity. work significantly increased. Showroom interior design unit

Moreover, the aesthetics also help to make a first impression on customers every time they come to the office, having good aesthetics will bring more trust. However, balancing functionality and aesthetics is not an easy task at all.

At VixOffice, we will help you own an office with harmonious design, ensure usability and ensure harmonious aesthetics.

– Criterion 3: Design consistency

Aside from aesthetics, an equally important factor for an efficient and successful office is consistency in design. Offices often buy furniture from many sources and put them into the office without any prior calculation, making it not easy to become confusing, lose the aesthetic, sometimes redundant.

In order to avoid the situation that an office has finished construction but is not as expected, our design team will first 3D drawings on the computer, helping customers to pre-shape, from there the construction work becomes smoother and more efficient.

Office furniture in Bien Hoa city
Office furniture in Bien Hoa city
– Criterion 4: Privacy and independence

The final criterion that we set out is the privacy for each department. This means great at work, avoiding the situation of repeated incidents. Office furniture must also be designed more subtly with the use of partitions to create an independent working space for employees, and conceal power lines, network wires, and bring neatness to the office.

Beautiful Office Construction Design – Office furniture in Bien Hoa

Beautiful office construction design is also a way to show the concern of the business to all employees in the company. Just think, if you let your employees work in a small office, narrow space, the design in the room is boring, monotonous, it will lead to boredom causing their demise. In the work.

Nice working office furniture will attract employees
In contrast, an investment office with unique designs and vibrant colors will create a comfortable space that promotes the working spirit of the employees.

In addition, this also helps dispel the fatigue and stress often found in the workplace, stimulates the dynamism and creativity of the employees and improves the efficiency at work to help the company grow. .

An ideal office space is not simply to put tables, chairs and other items in it, but it must be a unique office different from other places.

So you need to find an office design team with experienced architects so that they can help you create an office with the perfect interior design. Office interior design company in Ho Chi Minh City

► Refer to the most popular package of cheap package office interior design in 2021

Professional Working Office Interior Design – Office furniture in Bien Hoa

When opening an office, the company leaders often consider: How can your business compete with competitors?

Of course first of all is the excellent staff of the company, by the management … Therefore, you need to create a professional and comfortable working environment for your staff, suitable for each position. Department. This will be of great help in the success of your company.

The aesthetics of the office: evaluated in many ways, it is a harmonious blend of colors, decorative items and an eye-catching arrangement.

Office interior design and office interior design trends are viewed in different ways, if the family house is designed to be decorated according to the spontaneity or style of the owner and can be disruptive. Office decoration design must still be based on the company’s main expertise, showing the seriousness and professionalism.

office design in Dong Nai
office design in Dong Nai

Office interior design services in Bien Hoa Professional – quality. office furniture in bien hoa city

Office light: Natural light brings a professional and modern look to the entire office space.

In addition, since the human eye often better adapts to changing sunlight, an office interior design filled with natural light can help employees avoid eye fatigue and headaches, bring higher working efficiency.

Construction Process Of Office Interior Design In Bien Hoa At VixOffice
With the professional office design process clearly distributed in each stage, therefore, it will ensure safety in construction, completion progress and avoid the most risk. office interior design in Dong Nai

Step 1: Consulting and survey

Receive information about design and construction of office furniture

Sydesign receives information about office design and construction requirements and gives initial advice on functional spaces, materials, lighting, colors, … according to actual needs in accordance with the company of company.

Sydesign will conduct the measurement to pass the survey of new layout including: electrical system, lighting, refrigeration system, Pccc, .. Fitout: floor, ceiling, wall, ..

If the office is relocated, VixOffice will carry out the survey of old furniture (such as filing cabinets, desks, chairs, …) to include in a New design if the furniture is reused.

Step 2: Site layout & preliminary report. office furniture in bien hoa city

Conceptual design of the layout of the office valve (Layout 2D)

VixOffice has come up with the idea of ​​layout design (Layout 2D) with at least 02 layout plans for customers to choose or request to adjust accordingly. The layout plan will show the full basic layout of the room and the arrangement of furniture inside. At the same time, most of the main materials for construction can be identified. Thiết kế nội thất văn phòng tại đồng nai

The overall layout after agreeing on the layout plan, VixOffice will proceed with preliminary pricing.

Step 3: 3D perspective and quotes. office furniture in bien hoa city

Interior Design Bien Hoa Office
Design 3D perspective to help you visualize more easily
Click and drag to move

VixOffice conduct 3D perspective design to help customers more easily visualize the entire interior design inside their office. And through the 3D perspective, customers will see more clearly the interior decoration details such as colors, materials, decorative forms, interior layout, lights, …

After the 3D perspective is approved to meet the requirements of customers, VixOffice will re-quote (2nd quotation) closely according to the approved 3D perspective. The second quote is a relatively accurate quote compared to reality. Office Furniture in Bien Hoa City

office design in Dong Nai
office design in Dong Nai

Step 4: Sign the contract and start construction

Interior design of Bien Hoa office.
Submit the contract and confirm the document for the construction of the office furniture
Click and drag to move

After the final quotation is finalized, VixOffice will proceed to send the Model Contract for customers to consider the terms and conditions before proceeding with the interior construction.

Before construction, VixOffice will confirm the construction documents including: Construction drawing, Construction progress, Confirmation of design, materials, design, origin, before commencing production at workshop and construction and installation at the site. office furniture Bien hoa

During the construction process, if any request arises, the VixOffice will be implemented after being censored by both parties.

► Please see more steps of office interior construction at VixOffice to compare what is different and choose the right one.

Advantage When Construction Of Office Interior Design At VixOffice. office furniture in bien hoa city

Office interior design service VixOffice – Interior design consulting service Click and drag to move

Competitive products do not compromise performance or quality. VixOffice always takes the customer as the main idea.

Therefore, before designing VixOffice, it is necessary to discuss carefully with customers, find out the needs and provide products with the most economical cost.

Experienced team of designers and architects always meet the job whether in the most difficult situation, or the hilly space requires high meticulousness, sophisticated office interior architecture, along with that and the amenity understand about every detail of space, the latest modern office decoration items are updated continuously. Nội thất văn phòng tại Biên hoà

office design 300m2 with light tones
office design 300m2 with light tones

VixOffice will help you fulfill your desire to own this optimal workspace with:

A team of dedicated counselors, continuous care
Architects are well-trained, long-term experience in office interior design.
A team of skilled office repair workers.
Durable construction materials according to customers’ wishes.
Affordable construction design cost, specific consultation before implementation
Professional Office Standards Need To Have As Following
Office interior design hcm
VixOffice – standard office interior design
Click and drag to move. House painter in Ho Chi Minh City
To have a creative, clean office space, you need the following elements
Reception area, reception.
Working area of ​​staff and departments.
Types of meeting rooms to serve the needs of receiving guests and internal meetings.VixOffice
The private rooms of the company’s leaders and managers.
Functional spaces to support the main activities of the office:
Areas of pantry, relax, and dining for the staff.
Printing and copying area.

Warehouse room for companies wishing to store a lot of documents, or store specialized products of the company.

The server room manages the corporate data network.
When you need to relocate the office, design and construct office furniture, renovate the office, expand the working area, please contact us as soon as possible for construction advice.

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