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Finding a best reputational unit

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Office furniture in Vietnam is one of the factors that help build the image of businesses and enterprises in general. In order to create a good impression with partners, seeking talent, the office must always achieve the elements of politeness and seriousness, but also indispensable entertainment and relaxation. 

Therefore, reasonable office design inadvertently becomes a difficult problem to solve. Let’s explore with us, what kind of furniture should a standard office have to easily design a reasonable and more efficient office?

Office furniture has more and more model designs
Office furniture has more and more model designs


  • What is Office furniture in Vietnam?
  • Criteria for choosing Office furniture in Vietnam
  • Criteria for choosing a reputable furniture unit
  • Why should you choose Vix Office for providing office furniture?

1. What is Office furniture in Vietnam?

A simple understanding of office furniture is the furniture in the workspace of businesses and enterprises. Accordingly, the interior design for the office is to make layout and arrange office space effectively. Moreover,  it can also optimize functionality and aesthetics. 

The office furniture includes:

Vix Office specializes in providing quality furniture
Vix Office specializes in providing quality furniture
  • Tables: Table for employees, meeting tables, director’s tables, tables for multiple deputies or heads of departments.
  • Chairs: Working chairs, director’s chairs, lounge – smoking chairs.
  • Cabinets: File cabinets and personal belongings’ cabinets.

In addition, some offices have a reception department that often has a counter for the reception, a check-in counter …

a. Office table

It is the first piece of furniture that is indispensable for a complete office. The tables are quite expensive with many different designs. It can help customers conveniently and comfortably choose.

Office furniture does'nt lack of tables and chairs
Office furniture doesn’t lack tables and chairs

These days, most businesses often believe in choosing an adjacent or partitioned table. This design has been highly integrated and united for employees, especially for the large spaces.  In addition, some businesses often have a new logo, choose a separate desk with separate drawers. The separate drawers will create convenient circulation and arrangement. 

b. Office chair

Of course, if there is a table, there must be a chair to go with. Office chairs are also diverse with many models. The quantities are very crowded so that it is too difficult to coordinate with any type of table.

Modern, sophisticated, and simple in Chair VIXETUDE 103
Modern, sophisticated, and simple in Chair VIXETUDE 103

The types of office chairs prefer by most businesses and companies such as swivel chairs, recliners, or mesh chairs.

c. Office cabinet

A file cabinet is an indispensable piece of office furniture since it is evidence that  Every company has a lot of documents and records to serve its process. Storing is similar to preserving those documents well, make sure that you need a file cabinet.

Findind a suitable file cabinet for offices
Finding a suitable file cabinet for offices

A standard file cabinet is a file cabinet with relative compartments and is arranged reasonably. Because with the multi-compartment cabinet, users can store many records and documents of different sizes. This also creates management, classification, and research when needed.

File cabinet in Vix Furniture
File cabinet in Vix Furniture

Therefore, the document cabinet for the office is not only important furniture but also helps to analyze whether the enterprise is dignified or not?

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2. Criteria for choosing Professional Office furniture 

Office furniture model

The first criterion for beautiful office furniture is the design. Currently, businesses designing furniture in general and office furniture, in particular, are constantly innovating to produce trendy product models. You can choose the interior design according to your favorite style.

Office furniture models are unique and popular in Vietnam
Office furniture models are unique and popular in Vietnam

If you like dynamism and creativity, choose a youthful and modern interior style with fresh colors for the office. But if you are a fan of elegant style, choose a sophisticated and elegant design.

Beautiful office interior colors

Depending on the space, the main color people choose the right interior color. If the main color is light, you should choose a darker interior color to create accents. If the main color is dark, you can choose a bright interior color to reduce the feeling of stress. 

Finding the right colors for beautiful office design
Finding the right colors for a beautiful office design

Interior material

There are many different materials that make up the interior such as real leather, imitation leather, fabric, plastic, etc… It depends on the needs of the user to choose the right one, but it is necessary to choose a reputable supplier to ensure the quality of the interior as well as maintenance and repair services when necessary.

Interior design materials are made from woods
Interior design materials are made from woods

Product price

Currently, in the market, there are many furniture items with different origins. So price is a factor that confuses many people when making a choice. However, you need to pay attention to the origin and quality instead of just focusing on price. Office furniture in Vietnam in 2021 is used for a long time and you certainly don’t want your employees to be uncomfortable during long working hours just by a poor quality chair or desk!

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3. Criteria for choosing a reputable furniture unit

Before finding a high-end furniture unit, you need to determine the criteria to evaluate. This can contribute to zoning the list and the address you want to, thereby saving time and effort in searching.

Reputation is the first selection criterion

Brand reputation is always the first criterion in choosing to buy any product. No matter how beautiful and eye-catching the product is, the quality is not guaranteed.

Finding a best reputational unit
Finding a best reputational unit

Currently, in addition to the long-term suppliers, you can also refer to new high-end furniture brands. These brands receive a lot of good feedback from customers.

With the long-term units, the level of reputation is more prominent. But to evaluate the overall, buyers should consider price, style, and trend.

New brands have the advantage of various prices. Moreover, the innovative and creative style will surely meet the diverse needs of customers. In addition, good after-sales service is also a prominent advantage of “young” brands.

Being close to home or company is a great advantage

Furniture is mainly the things with large area and weight, so it is very bulky and difficult to move. Therefore, to ensure the safety of furniture as well as save transportation costs, choosing a showroom that is relatively close to home or business is quite necessary.

Specialized furniture

Interior designs with special colors
Interior designs with special colors

Except for large general furniture supermarkets, stores and showrooms will usually have specialized products. There are shops specializing in interior materials such as wood, metal. In addition, there are specialized stores on interior equipment such as sofas, tables, chairs, decorative lights, …

Furniture with trend

Any homeowner who has a need for high-end furniture must have a unique trend. Therefore, they can consult about the products of the showrooms to see which stores are suitable for them, thereby distilling the list of stores they are really interested in. 

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4. Why should you choose Vix Office for providing office design furniture?

Vix Office unit prides is one of the most reputable units in Ho Chi Minh city with many years of experience in interior design and construction. Vix office has a team of dynamic, young, and passionate architects. Moreover, the unit always launches innovative products that surely serve customers.

Vix Office Company provides interior design and construction services
Vix Office Company provides interior design and construction services

At the same time, when choosing the office furniture at Vix Office, you will save a lot of costs from design costs, costs for furniture to interior decoration. With the furniture production factory system having a big size equipped with modern machinery, quality assurance will bring out the best products to users. Vix Office owns a range of office furniture such as leader chairs, managerial chairs, task chairs, and lounge chairs. All items are high-quality, affordable price and have modern amenities. 

So do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact through the address:


To sum up, this is above all information we want to share with customers about Office furniture in Vietnam. Through the article, we surely believed that you have an overview about the office furniture surrounding some fields such as the definition, criteria for choosing office furniture as well as choosing a reputable unit. 

Thanks for reading the article and we hope that you will find out the best choice for the office furniture project.

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