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Factory office design in Ho Chi Minh City

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Factory office design in Ho Chi Minh City. VixOffice company we are a company specializing in the design and construction of furniture in Vietnam, our company has headquarters throughout the territory of Vietnam.


Designing a professional factory office, in ho chi minh city, Ha Noi City, in Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Vietnam


  • Why do we need to design the factory office?
  • The elements necessary when designing factory offices.
  • Process of designing the design services of professional factories.
  • Why should you choose to use our office design services
  • Advantages of using the ho chi minh city office design services.
  • Synthesis of designs of beautiful, modern factories.
Factory office design in Ho Chi Minh City
Factory office design in Ho Chi Minh City

The factory design must be the work that has never been easy for us, not only does it cost, the time spent in each design is not small. unlike the housing design work, the general design design, the design of the factory requires the design of the design, the design of the plant. The factory design is always demanding a thorough calculation because this is the working environment of the class class, and a lot of people are as well as supplies, so what are they waiting for, go to (the name of the), company where you’re going to design an office space that will create an inspiration!

Why do we need to design the factory office in ho chi minh city Vietnam?

Saving costs, saving time

Ho chi minh city is increasingly developing, factories, factories growing more and more, so infrastructure costs are expensive, and the cost of hiring designers will only fold more. The subjective’ s busy with the job and the design itself is too overloaded.


Vnd 200, 000 / square meter, which is the cost of designing, while starting the sketch, building, purchasing material facilities, is likely to imagine how high costs can be raised. so why don’ t you think intelligently, selecting the design of the office of the office in ho chi minh city, and the cost of designing the office.

If business factories want to design their own factory offices, the trouble is not only to waste their time, but the cost of dozens of problems like: where do the human resources work, do not think about the design of the beautiful designs ?…. Thousands of hard times are all around.

Factory office design in Ho Chi Minh City
Factory office design in Ho Chi Minh City

Inspired working, improving the productivity of staff in the company

According to scientific research for a long time, the environment surrounding the impact is a lot to the attitude, productivity of employees in the company. If you work in a beautiful working environment, catch your eyes, suit the work you’re doing, they’re going to make the most of their work, there’ s always a bright idea, and you’re going to be right, and what’ s going on?

Whether it’ s the size of a small office size, each design will bring certain values. The vast space, but redesign doesn’ t have an aesthetic, it’ s like the upside down, no matter how small the office is, but when we know how to design, understand the space, there’ s going to be a lot of creativity and aesthetics that are going to be etched into this beautiful design.

Increase the value of the company


From designing a small, small office, but it is possible to show some sort of vision, the core value of the factory, the company. If a factory, a company that makes business, succeeds, and we can see from the designs in small offices, not necessarily to look away.


Ii: factors, notes need to know when designing the office of the ho chi minh city factory

Dividing areas of clear areas, each area must represent its own functions

The separation of areas in an office is dependent on the particular characteristic of the company. If it’ s the fashion companies, entertainment can be arranged together, convenient for communication, ideas. But with particular characteristics that need quiet, the division of working areas clearly is essential, in the working hours required to be serious, focused, should be clearly separated. But it’ s not that we separate the gap between employees, but not far away, that’ s what (company name) can make the customers.

Now, mr. ty, the factory, the company is popular with design – opening. It means that central sets will need to have areas working, open, and more creative, and it can be more free, interconnected. The opening design not only helps increase the efficiency of working, and show professionalism in office design.

Factory office design in Ho Chi Minh City
Factory office design in Ho Chi Minh City

Color and light are key features in office designs.

The color should be chosen based on the work of the company, the plant: bright colors like white, blue, blue, green, mild yellow, mild gray , … bringing the feeling of energy and freshness is suitable for creative work, it needs fresh sensations, refresh,.., but v ới the work of factories on issues that require concentration, often we should choose tone colors, slightly strong to express silence, logic, carefully in the work

The color, natural light will increase the work of employees.

Decorating, decor office

We should choose simple details, but it’ s full of luxury. Depending on the nature of the work, we shouldn’ t decor the color of the color with the factory offices, and of course the art offices, which require decor to actually have turmeric in it.

Iii: the process of designing the office of a professional factory of our company.

The first element of interest is the cost. In fact, business owners are people who have money, but they need to be reasonable and right where they can’ t get a big amount of money, but they don’ t get anything satisfactory.

Clear workflow, transparency, only five basic steps:


  • Step 1: The consultant will record the common items you need to design and introduce preliminary workflow.
  • Step 2: Designers will survey the actual status and further exchange of materials, how to allocate, divide the area.
  • Step 3: After consulting and consulting the idea, the two parties jointly sign the design contract and deposit the fee for the digital record to the drawing. the design fee will be refunded upon the completion of the package.
  • Step 4: The 3d drawing that completes will be sent to you to edit additional from 1 – 2 times and the last complete drawing table.
  • Step 5: After the complete 3d drawing of a robust 3d drawing continues to carry out the implementation of the 2d detailed drawing and send it to the customer.
Professional office design process
Professional office design process

Why should you choose to use our company’ s office design service?

Our company is considered a service provider the package office, with many years of experience, has many different offices across ho chi minh city.

To us, you’ ll get tremendous benefits:

  • It’ s a good drawing, but it’ s also realistic when construction is done
  • Simple work process, non – recurring procedures such as other units. We’re important and your time.
  • You shall be provided for free, the design unit price of the office of the office of the office is 200, 000 vnd / m2. However, you will receive incentives ‘ design at zero’ when the interior works.
  • We ensure complete construction in accordance with the design (more than 90%)
  • Office of office furniture much cheaper compared to the market price because the interior is always produced directly at the xưởng.
  • For many years of skilled workers, we’re committed to doing the right thing according to schedule, handing over schedule.


Iv: advantages on the advantages of office design services in ho chi minh city.

Always bring pleasure to the customer


  • The process is clear, transparency, always interested in user requests.

Staff with many years of experience, agility, creativity, ingenuity.

  • Prices for service packages are always competitive, consistent with the finance of the user.
  • Design patterns are always updated, good integration, lại designs, professionals, multiple choices for customers.
  • Acceptance of contracts after the design process is completed, the customer satisfied with the design.
Vixgroup Furniture Company
Vixgroup Furniture Company

Vi: synthesis of beautiful, unique design patterns.

If you’re looking for a company to find a prestigious office design unit – the most affordable quality. Contact us on the hotline for free advice and offer unexpected offers!

Contact us right through hotline : +84 846794444

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