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Office design in Ho Chi Minh city – Office furniture Vietnam, office furniture hanoioffice furniture Ho Chi Minh – Office Furniture Da Nang, Professional office design in Hanoi city. Hotline : O975.96.96.08 ( Mr : Vi )


Vix Office Furniture Company  is a unit specializing in the field of design and construction and supply of  office furniture including office furniture, filing cabinets, office modules, reception desks and office accessories. room. Vix Office design team always has a concern, with the desire to bring optimal solutions in terms of layout and design so that your representative / commercial office will always achieve the brand fruit high. Provide cheap office furniture

With our experience, we are confident to bring your business a professional, friendly and efficient working environment, with a full range of office functions, ensuring paper arrangement. , records and computers are logical and scientific, helping the office staff to always work with good productivity. From there, create conditions to promote your office activities, business activities are always operated smoothly, developing in the long term.

office design in Ho Chi Minh
Office design in Ho Chi Minh

1. Why you need to care about office furniture construction

If you are a business owner, the  Office  is your second home and you can even consider it as the first, the first will help you to have more homes, because of the business. Development is a great source of income for you and a beautiful interior office creates inspiration to work, creates dynamism and enthusiasm for employees, creates trust for customers. effective tool for you.

Similar to investing in building houses, but most offices will be rented space, so the construction of  office furniture  will be paid more attention, more interested in the reasonable interior layout, besides choosing Choosing the right models of furniture, cabinets in office furniture will contribute to a quality office

1.1 Office quality assessment criteria. Office design in Ho Chi Minh

How to know a reputable office furniture construction address? It is based on the set criteria that the unit desires in comparison with its products. You will evaluate the quality in a specific and clear way by the criteria that we set out below

– Criterion 1: Use function

Usability is always the top evaluation criteria at Vix Office, we always want to bring your business a modern space full of modern, smart and convenient equipment. By meeting enough functions for the office, all business activities will become smoother and more convenient. Employee performance is also enhanced thanks to products that meet the standards of “ergonomics”, quality and design.

Use of office furniture

Use of office furniture

On the other hand, the scientific and rational layout of the furniture also contributes to a more convenient and quality space. When working with Vix Office , we will discuss carefully, plan and discuss with you to come up with an optimal and suitable plan.

– Criterion 2: Harmony aesthetics

In addition to meeting the full functionality of the office, the aesthetics also need to be paid attention. The aesthetics of the interior is one of the factors affecting human psychology, helping to create more inspiration to work, stimulate creativity, combat stress effectively, thereby helping productivity. work significantly increased. Moreover, the aesthetics also help to make a first impression on customers every time they come to the office, having good aesthetics will bring more trust. However, balancing functionality and aesthetics is not an easy task at all.

office design in Ho Chi Minh
office design in Ho Chi Minh

Aesthetic and harmonious in office furniture

At Vix Office , we will help you own an office with harmonious design, ensuring usability and ensuring harmonious aesthetics.

– Criterion 3: Design consistency 

Aside from aesthetics, an equally important factor for an efficient and successful office is consistency in design. Offices often buy furniture from many sources and put them into the office without any prior calculation, making it not easy to become confusing, lose the aesthetic, sometimes redundant.

office design in Ho Chi Minh
office design in Ho Chi Minh

Consistency in office furniture

In order to avoid the situation that an office has finished construction but is not as expected, our design team will first 3D drawings on the computer, helping customers to pre-shape, from there the construction work becomes smoother and more efficient.

– Criterion 4: Privacy and independence 

The final criterion that we set out is the privacy for each department. This means great at work, avoiding the situation of repeated incidents. Office furniture must also be designed more subtly with the use of partitions to create an independent working space for employees, and conceal power lines, network wires, and bring neatness to the office.

Privacy and independence in office furniture

Privacy and independence in office furniture

1.2. Price list of office interior design. Office design in Ho Chi Minh

Fees for office design or interior design are generally calculated according to the following formula. The unit price of our interior design of our office is 150,000 VND / m2 (the market we refer to is 180,000 VND ~ 250,000 VND / m2)

office design in Ho Chi Minh
office design in Ho Chi Minh

Price list of office interior design

The process of receiving the design contract of Vix Office includes the following steps:

– Step 1: Meet and exchange design consultancy and site survey

– Step 2: Sign contract and deposit design fee

– Step 3: Design 2D and 3D layouts (Customers can request modification up to 3 times)

– Step 4: Hand over the drawings, export detailed dimensions of materials and rendered images, together with estimated quotes

– Step 5: Complete the contract and make payment

Free of 50% design fee: In case the customer agrees to quote the interior construction price according to our design, Vix Office will reduce 50% of the project’s design fee.

1.3 Price list for construction of office furniture. Office design in Ho Chi Minh

Construction office furniture will not have a general price list, but depends on the design, depending on the types of office furniture that customers choose, Vix Office will include the price list of furniture in the design. Or you can refer to the price of Vix Office Office Furniture  Here

2. Why do you need a professional office design unit

The company’s office space is also a place to help customers evaluate, judge and trust more, so it can be said that it is a side of your brand. A beautiful, impressive and modern design that shows the professionalism of the company while creating the impression of customers and the enjoyment of the staff is the preoccupation of many managers. current administrative office.

According to studies around the world, the average person spends at least 40 hours / week working, this time is very large, it takes up 1/3 of his life. Therefore, office interior design always plays an important role in companies, it not only helps you to maximize energy at work but also bring vitality to your career.

If you are in need of upgrading your existing office, do not hesitate to contact us. With experts with many years of experience in the field, we will help you “change clothes” in the most creative and perfect way for your business workspace without affecting the existing operations of enterprise.

Certainly, the new refurbishment of the existing workspace will bring inspiration for creativity and optimal work for the business. You don’t have to move to a new place to create a space. It’s your job to state your needs and wants to refresh your new workspace. Vix Office job is to do it professionally and conscientiously.

3. Service design and office decoration of Office design in Ho Chi Minh

When you come to the  full package office interior design service  at Vix Office, you will receive all of the following incentives:

Surveying, consulting, designing, constructing, renovating, and repairing is one of the services that Vix Office is performing in the field of design and construction of office furniture. The designs include: designing interior layout drawings, 3D perspective drawings, rough drawings, detailed drawings to deploy.

Deploying the perspective design of interior space including color, light, space … in harmony with furniture. Vix Office always attaches great importance to “feng shui” for perfect interior layout, optimal design of space, suitable for feng shui according to age, direction of the house and saving most investment costs.

4. Office furniture includes what? Office design in Ho Chi Minh

Office furniture is also very diverse and not inferior to residential furniture or other types of furniture, but even more sophisticated, more products are paired with large, large offices. staff and equipped with more utilities. However here we will talk about the basic types of Office Furniture that will include

– Office table:  Office desk is an indispensable item in the office, the workplace of everyone in the company, so when designing and constructing office furniture, the desk will be the first product. is shown at pre-selected lightning. Office desks are also divided into many categories for each audience and different purposes including: leader desk (director, manager) staff desk, meeting table, cluster table, reception desk, ceremony table. Tan …

Office cluster desk 3 seats 120 degree angle

Office cluster desk 3 seats 120 degree angle

Office design in Ho Chi Minh
Office design in Ho Chi Minh

Cluster of two-seat desk

Homeoffice Iron Foot Rubber Wood Leader Desk

Vix Office Iron Foot Rubber Wood Leader Desk

– Office chair:  Definitely indispensable with an office desk that is  an office chair , a suitable and comfortable office chair will be essential to contribute to protecting the health of employees. Vix Office with a full collection of office chairs for all subjects: staff chairs, room head chairs, director chairs, meeting room chairs, mesh chairs, waiting benches … the product lines of office chairs Vix Office variety of designs, styles and colors. In addition, Vix Office also receives office upholstery in accordance with your company’s brand colors to ensure that it is designed correctly, bringing a good brand identity system for the company. Products with sophisticated design, high technology, carefully processed with many different prices to meet all customers’ needs. Thiết kế nội thất văn phòng tại tphcm

Sample reclining office chairs are selling well at Vix Office. Office design in Ho Chi Minh

Office chairs for leaders

Office chairs for leaders

Office chairs for employees

Office chairs for employees

Leg chair for conference room

Leg chair for conference room

Folding chair for training room

Folding chair for training room

– File cabinets : Storage space is also indispensable in the office, especially in sections such as accounting, personnel administration … Besides the popular designs with lockers or open shelves, or cabinets personal under the table … Vix Office meets all requirements of filing cabinet design

File cabinets for offices

File cabinets for offices

In addition to the three main product lines that are indispensable above for offices, there are also many varieties, especially for large-area offices: Sofa, coffee table, Pantry, Bar, dining table, shelf. decoration, tree planting shelves….

5. Buy cheap office furniture with pre-designed designs

If you cannot afford to rent an office design, or your office has a small size and size of 20 employees, then you can design your own office from available products. An optimal solution to help save costs and still ensure a good office and especially you will get  cheap office furniture

Vix Office with 15 office design concepts, each concept has more than 26 standard sizes and designs suitable for any space, especially cluster desks for offices, office chairs with more than 300 available models available. ready to meet, the most basic shelves are available on the website to help you easily choose with realistic images of various sizes, in addition with available models you can resize. ruler as required.

The difference of Vix Office office furniture is that on the table top instead of the usual MFC industrial wood, we use standard AA rubber wood tabletop material with PU paint with 5 colors. durable and unique, along with the foot system of processed iron for billions of noodles, thick iron with beautiful powder coating.

If you are in need of a  quote for office furniture  or the cost of a package of office furniture, please contact  Hotline  0975969608 or email the COMPANY for more specific advice.

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